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Stanislav Felber’s Philosophical Development Leading into Marxism

(Original title: Marxistické vyústenie filozofického vývinu Stanislava Felbera)
Filozofia, 34 (1979), 3, 254-266.
Type of work: Papers - Marxist Philosophy in Slovakia
Publication language: Slovak
The paper analyzes the development of Stanislav Felber’s philosophical views during the Slovak state and after WW II. The mathematician and physicist Felber had begun as a critic of positivism. If positivism rejected metaphysical problems as devoid of sense, Felber tried to exclude them only from natural-scientific considerations, while he conceded them in philosophy. He himself acquired a realistic standpoint in the question of independent existence of objective reality, he was a determinist in the question of freedom of will, etc. After the war Felber was aiming toward Marxism. In ontology he reached materialism, in gnozeology he accepted the theory of reflection, he took logical axioms for a reflection of objective reality, he proclaimed the need of elaborating the dialectical logic, he criticized intuitive realism and disclosed the unscientific and reactionary character of religion. His untimely death interrupted his fruitful scientific activity.
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