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The Slovak National Revival in the Russian and Soviet Literature

(Original title: Slovenské národné obrodenie v ruskej a sovietskej literatúre)
Filozofia, 34 (1979), 3, 318-332.
Type of work: Papers - Philosophical Thinking in Slovakia
Publication language: Slovak
Since the 1820s till today the Russian and Soviet special literature has revealed unceasing interest in elucidating the sense and the historical importance of the Slovak national revival, whose specific ideological platform was represented by the idea of Slavonic mutuality. The activity and creation of the two leading ideologists of the national revivalist movement — J. Kollár and Ľ. Štúr encountered the greatest response. The aim of the paper is to characterize and evaluate the differentiated, often contradictory responses to their legacy of ideas. While the Russian pre-revolutionary literature showed namely two tendencies in the conception and evaluation of the legacy of Slovak revivalits, conditioned by the ideological and methodological orientation of both Slavianophile and the progressive democratic circles, the contemporary Soviet scholars emphasize first of all the democratic, humanistic and patriotic content and the historically progressive aiming of their activity.
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