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Condillac’s Sensualism in Koloman Banšel's Work

(Original title: Condillacov senzualizmus u Kolomana Banšella)
Filozofia, 34 (1979), 3, 346-361.
Type of work: Papers - Philosophical Thinking in Slovakia
Publication language: Slovak
The paper analyzes the so far unknown philosophical manuscript materials of Koloman Banšell, Slovak poet and publicist, who shared initiatively in the realist literary movement of the 1870s. Beside the manuscript notes from the period of his studies in Revúca and Prešov containing ethical and aesthetic problems (Christian Ethics, Ethics, Aesthetics) they consist in elaboration of Condillac’s works — A Treatise on Systems, Abstracts from Logic and A Treatise on Animals, which Banšell studied and noted during his stay in Basle. Even though he did not elaborate, nor deepen, not even comment Condillac’s opinions, but only truthfully reported on them, Banšelľs orientation to Condillac’s radical empirism means a positive deed from the viewpoint of the Slovak context; it is namely an orientation to a work that represented one of the roots of the 18th century French materialism.
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