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Some Gnozeological Problems in Slovak Philosophy of the 1960s

(Original title: Niektoré gnozeologické problémy v slovenskej filozofii šesť­desiatych rokov)
Filozofia, 34 (1979), 6, 605-618.
Type of work: Papers
Publication language: Slovak
The paper analyzes' some gnoseological problems that had been solved in Slovak philosophy in the period of crisis. The author points out that nearly all of them had been concerned with the theory of reflection as the substant part Of the Marxist theory of cognition. While in the 1950s the reflection of object in the subject had been interpreted mechanistically, statically and undialectically, in the ’60s its specific, subjectively conditioned, dialectical character was emphasized. But not all Of the interpreters were able to find the correct measure of this specificity and many of them got as far as the positions leading to agnosticism. But these were also interpreters who, though accepting the theory of reflection, got to idealistic positions in ontology, so that reality, reflected by the subject, had an ideal, spiritual character. Some interpreter's’ views were mistaken only, but some others’ views were non-m.arxist and anti-marxist. In future these extremes should be avoided, but it is not possible to return to a mechanistic conception of reflection either.
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