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V. I. Lenin’s Theory of Dialectics

(Original title: Teória dialektiky V. I. Lenina)
Filozofia, 35 (1980), 3, 237-259.
Type of work: Papers - 110th Anniversary of V. I. Lenin's Birthday
Publication language: Slovak
An integral theory of dialectics how it is, though in fragments, elaborated in Lenin’s “Philosophical Copybooks“ is analysed in the paper. In this work of Lenin the sources of dialectics (history of sciences and of the whole knowledge), elements of dialectics (16 elements) and the structure of dialectical method, especially dialectical analysis, leading to the discovery of the “cell“, and dialectical synthesis, developing the cell into the concrete totality expressed conceptually, are clearly formulated. Also the unity of logic, of epistemology, of dialectics on the one side and praxis on the other side is analysed.
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