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Leninist Category of Reflection and Human Activity

(Original title: Leninská kategória odrazu a ľudská aktivita)
Filozofia, 35 (1980), 3, 284-291.
Type of work: Papers - 110th Anniversary of V. I. Lenin's Birthday
Publication language: Slovak
The author seeks to unite the category of reflection, formulated in dialectical materialism, with concepts expressing those qualities of matter which participate in human creative material and intellectual activity. Those are following: purposefulness, a preconceiving reflection of reality and the notion of „necessary future“. Reflection as an attribute of matter, of its universal interaction is characterized by selectiveness, transformation and feedback. These qualities express certain aspect of the development of matter. The author makes use of the notion of the „necessary future“ in order to express the aspect of a preconceiving reflection of reality (Anochin) that consists in the needs, i. e. in the necessity of objective integration of organism; it is future of needs that are saturated. The author specifies this notion to human needs, human future and its forecasting.
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