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The Acceleration as a Dynamizing Factor of the Social Development under Socialism

(Original title: Urýchlenie ako dynamizujúci faktor spoločenského rozvoja za socializmu)
Filozofia, 42 (1988), 2, 212-223.
Type of work: Papers - Dialectics of the Contemporary Stage of the Development of Socialism
Publication language: Slovak

It is the aim and the means of further development of the socialist society to accelerate social development. The paper characterizes approximately the dynamism which is the substance of the perspective application of the acceleration in practice. The dynamism of social development comes to the fore in connection with changes in the determinate influence of the way of production upon the life under socialism. The economic development creates sources of its own growth in all non-economic spheres. This process may be characterized as the growth of intensity of influence of the way of production upon the whole social life. The dynamism of social development rises when internal economic and non-economic sources of the economic development are united, which may be characterized as socialization and spiritualization of the way of production. Deeper interconnection of the economic development and social development of the whole society makes it possible to keep production relationships and production forces in permanent harmony. Forming of dynamism is becoming the object of interest of philosophy and in connection with this phenomenon the prognostic function of historical materialism becomes more important.

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