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The Problem of Totality and the Status of Consciousness

(Original title: Problém totality a status vedomia)
Filozofia, 44 (1989), 2, 134-144.
Type of work: Papers - Theory of Social Consciousness and Ideological Processes
Publication language: Slovak

The paper offers alternative solutions of problem of totalization. The optimization of "specific functional forms" as moments carrying the dual character of social being is accentuated in this model of totality. Specific functional forms are considered to be real demonstrating of functions and the optimization as heading most perfect forms of objectification of these functions. The expression of the growth of purposiveness of functional forms is the alteration of multifunctionality into single functionality and the growth of the significance of mediations. The second part of the paper brings an attempt at apllying this model to problems of consciousness through relative autonomy of consciousness and some of its temporal characteristics.

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