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Consciousness of Socialist Society - from the Aspect of Ternporality

(Original title: Vedomie socialistickej spoločnosti z aspektu temporality)
Filozofia, 44 (1989), 2, 160-173.
Type of work: Papers - Theory of Social Consciousness and Ideological Processes
Publication language: Slovak

Among the inevitable aspects ol philosophical reflection of the real state of consciousness of the particular socialist society is the examination of its historical making by the time past, present and future in their dialectical interconnection and determinacy. Only the objective and true cognizing of the past, aware of its sense and significance, makes it possible to understand adequately the present time and to substantiate the shaping of the future, starting from the merit of the dialectics of possibility and reality, from many variants and alternatives of the historical process. The understanding of the content of these temporal dimensions and ways of their determinant operating upon the consciousness of contemporary society makes out the major part of the paper.

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