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The Problem of Freedom in Russian Exile Philosophers of the 20th Century

(Original title: Problém slobody u ruských exilových filozofov 20. storočia)
Filozofia, 57 (2002), 8, 605-611.
Type of work: Papers
Publication language: Slovak

The paper deals with the problem of human freedom and the freedom of person, as seen by Russian personalist philosophers of the 20th century in their Parisian exile - N. Berdyaev and N. Lossky, both of them influenced by F. M. Dostoyevsky. Their philosophical conceptions derive from existentialism, which is the existential-experiential source of the modern personalism in general. The Russian personalists saw human freedom as one of the absolute values and included its problematic together with the paradoxes of the particularity of individual being into their searching for the true essence of humans. In justifying freedom as the basic human right both thinkers combine their anthropocentric approach with the Christian doctrine. The free philosophy is religious and intuitive at the same time.

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