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Ethnicity in an Evolutionary-Psychological Perspective

(Original title: Etnicita v evolučno-psychologickej perspektíve)
Filozofia, 58 (2003), 1, 62-69.
Type of work: Papers
Publication language: Slovak

According to the author, the dichotomy between the primordialist and the instrumentalist approach to the problem od ethnicity is similar to the classical philosophical dichotomy of rationalism versus empiricism. Kantś solution - differentiating between the form and the content of ideas - might be animating for us in overcoming the dichotomy between primordialism and instrumentalism. In a new model of ethnicity (Sýkora 2002) the ethnicity (seen as a phenomenon of an inner identification of the individual with the ethnic group) is to be analogically divided into its form, i. e. the inner universal emotional structure of our mind, on one hand, and its contingent content, acquired from outside in the process of socialization a enculturation on the other hand. This model is based on Tajfelś theory of the minimal group and on Lorenzś conception of imprinting.

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