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Mind and Semiotic Activity

(Original title: Myseľ a semiotická aktivita)
Filozofia, 58 (2003), 1, 23-34.
Type of work: Papers
Publication language: Slovak

The paperś argumentation is for the conception of mind as an open, although internally structured system. Mind, however, is not just an actualization of dispositions, but also the accommodation and cultivation of the latter in the process of a continuous interaction with the intelligible structures of the other minds as well as with the products of the historical development of culture.The authorś presupposition is, that the language as the most important product of the semiotic activity became an accelerator of the evolution of culture, the basic code of human way of being. Expanding and enriching of the communication nests led to the rise of a new world, which has transcended the natural world and changed the human nature. The science investigating the human mind, which ignores the existence of the semiotic activity (the world of art, religion, knowing etc.) cuts off the substantial aspects leading to its understanding. Therefore, the author suggests the dialogue as a basic method of the examination of mind. It is the dialogue, through which the minds overcome the isolatedness of their beings and through which an intersubjectively valid knowledge is created. The dialogical method is compatible with its substance, as the mind is seen not as a monological, but rather as a dialogical entity.

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