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Azerbaijani Poet Nezámí Ganjaví and His Humanistic Legacy

(Original title: Azerbajdžanský básnik Nizámí Gandževí a jeho humanistický odkaz)
Filozofia, 60 (2005), 1, 52-63.
Type of work: Reflections
Publication language: Slovak

Poet Elyas Yusof Ganjavi Nezami (about. 1141 - 1209). A Persian poet of Azerbaijan ori­ gin. His ethical - philosophical works concern his ideas of life and moral behaviour. He „deals with the origins of humans (according to Koran), justice, vanity of wordly events, fate, the way of life, the differences between humans and animals, the creation of the world, ascetics, temporality of all things, damages due to human indolence, the necessity of death and the scorn of envious and hypocritical men. He sees the justice as the highest value in this world, which once will go away; that is why one should not subject to the wordly needs and passions. Only a wise man is able to control the good as well as evil.“ ((5], 493) The works of Nezami are characteristic by his effort to express his ideas as perfectly as possible.

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