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The Problem of Authorship

(Original title: Problém autorstva)
Filozofia, 60 (2005), 7, 498-511.
Type of work: Papers
Publication language: Slovak

The paper focuses on the problem of authorship in the domain of visual arts. It’s aim is to see the author not as a person, who produces the work of art, but to exa-mine the creative process, which builds up this relationship. It attempts to show the problems concerning the common idea of authorship and to grasp their main points in order to describe the creative process of authorship. Chapter 2 starts with the common idea of an author in western countries, which can be find in his acts, and then shows the inappropriateness of this concept on some examples taken from contemporary art. It then outlines the above mentioned concepts from the philosophical perspective and from the perspective of art history. Chapter 3 offers a new conception, which aims at grasping the process of becoming an author. This pro-cess runs in space within at least three partly autonomous but, interconnected realms: the realm of material world (including body of the artist), the realm of mind (the ar-tist and also the viewer) and the realm of language (the interpersonal world of culture, tradition, etc.). It means that there are three irreducible realms of authorship, which have to be taken into consideration. Chapter 4 tests the suggested conception on real instances taken from contemporary art, in which the existing conception has failed (4.1: strategies of appropriation and 4.2: constructed author’s subject).

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