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At the Beginning There Was the Cowering-Law Model

(Original title: Na počiatku bol model pokrývajúceho zákona)
Filozofia, 62 (2007), 9, 834-845.
Type of work: From Recent Theses
Publication language: Slovak

The paper deals with the covering-law model of explanation as formulated by Carl Hempel and the role it plays in the area of philosophy of explanation. The first part of the paper begins with the exposition of the model and finishes with emphasizing some of its most important features, such as its non-causal and non-pragmatic character and the thesis of the symmetry of explanation and prediction. The main goal of the second part is to show that the covering-law model is the starting point in the modern discussion about explanation. Therefore, without a proper understanding of Hempel’s model it is impossible to correctly appreciate the subsequent developments in the area of philosophy of explanation.


Philosophy of explanation, Hempel’s covering-law model, Deductive, Nomological explanation, The role of the covering-law model

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