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Phenomenological and Aesthetical Attitudes. Remarks on Their Autonomy and Overlapping

(Original title: Fenomenologický a estetický postoj. Poznámky k ich svojbytnosti a prekrývaniu)
Filozofia, 63 (2008), 7, 619-624.
Type of work: Reflections
Publication language: Slovak

The connection between art and philosophy is presented in the essay on two levels. On one hand they are conceived as two parallel and autonomous attitudes (as in the analyses of E. Husserl), on the other hand there is a possibility of their intertwining (as in the texts of M. Henry). Both directions are based on phenomenology and focus on the problem of „life“ and „praxis“. A. Giacometti’s and W. Kandinsky’s views on art serve as the background of the philosophical analysis.


Attitude, Practice, Life, Phenomenology, Art

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