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Corporeality as the Excentric Positionality in Helmuth Plessner’s Anthropology and Philosophy of Biology

(Original title: Telesnosť ako excentrická pozicionalita v antropológii a filozofii biológie Helmutha Plessnera)
Filozofia, 76 (2021), 7, 487 – 498.
Type of work: Original Articles
Publication language: Slovak

The aim of the text is to analyse the impact of the project of philosophical anthropology elaborated by Helmuth Plessner, which will be demonstrated on the concept of corporeality seen in the framework of excentric positionality. In the first part of the text, we analyse the interference of philosophical anthropology and phenomenology (on the examples of lived body and oikos). This is based on historical as well as on deeper philosophical reasons. In this connection, we also find some practical applications of Plessner’s project, e.g., in cultural anthropology, ethnology and pedagogy. In the second part, the problematics of “corporeality as excentric positionality” will be seen in the light of philosophy of biology and we open a dialog with a French biophysician Henri Atlan who focuses on characterisations of human, non-human and inhuman. Here, excentric positionality converges with emergence (autopoiesis) and corporeality becomes one of the sings of anthropological difference.


Excentric positionality, Human, Lived body, Non-human, Philosophical anthropology, Philosophy of biology, Physical body

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