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(Original title: Kráľovský pes: Aristippos z Kyrény a výchova prostredníctvom pôžitkov)
Filozofia, 77 (2022), 3, 192 - 204.
Type of work: Original Articles
Publication language: Slovak

Socrates is commonly viewed as a model of rational argumentation and ascetic behavior. However, there is a different way of Socratic thinking – the Cyrenian school with its founder Aristippus of Cyrene. This philosopher was considered a radical hedonist for whom good life was fulfilled only with pleasure. Our paper has two main goals: 1) in the first part of this study we will answer the question whether Aristippus' hedonism corresponds to other forms of Socratic approach to virtue; 2) in the second part of our text we will deal with the problem of what the Aristippean education through pleasure might look like.


Arete, Aristippus, hedoné, Paideia, Socrates

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