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Revisiting Bakunin: Reflections about the Pandemic

(Original title: Revisiting Bakunin: Reflections about the Pandemic)
Filozofia, 78 (2023), 9, 719 - 731.
Type of work: Original Articles
Publication language: English
Jon Stewart’s revisitation of Bakunin in Hegel’s Century offers an opportunity to reflect on contemporary libertarian expressions of individual freedom. The most alarming support of such freedom found its expression in revolts against COVID-19 public health measures. The goal of this paper is to reflect on Bakunin’s concept of freedom and revolt, in order to answer the question whether this form of rebellion is a rational expression of human freedom. I proceed by explaining Bakunin’s theory of freedom in community and the concept of revolt. Then I move on to the critique of authority and science. In the concluding section, I present his critique of the State and point at the economic inequalities to show how they exacerbate the effects of COVID-19 pandemic. Lastly, I answer the question if revolt against pandemic measures can find justification in Bakunin’s premises.

Bakunin, Revolt, Freedom, Pandemic, Covid-19

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