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Matter and Elementary Particles

(Original title: Hmota a elementárne častice)
Filozofia, 28 (1973), 3, 222-230.
Type of work: Papers and Discussions
Publication language: Slovak
Objectification is a transition from being out of our consciousness into the form of empiric-practical objects, i. e. into reality. The empiric-practically characterized being, this is matter. Namely time and space are the basic modes of all material being. The mode of existence of matter is expressed by mutual connections, operation and contradictions. There is no primary matter as some absolute last substance, as some basic elementary particles. The property of elementariness depends on a certain point of view determined by the given qualitative level. The problem of elementariness of particles can be investigated only with regard to their mutual operation. And it follows from the fact of mutual operation that elementary particles are complicated structures.
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