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Ideology and the Present

(Original title: Ideológia a súčasnosť)
Filozofia, 29 (1974), 1, 3-8.
Type of work: Papers and Discussions
Publication language: Slovak
The social being of things (Wertgegenständlichkeit) is expressed as value only in confrontation with the opinions that the subject uses in evaluation as an equivalent of the evaluated. It is not only the resulting picture of reality in the evaluating consciousness that depends on the opinions which have become the standards in evaluation, but also the value conduct of the subject, because the political, ethic, aesthetic etc. standards are also regulators of social practice. The more the regulative function of theirs in the socialist society increases, the more the practical value orientations of the subject become the object of a conscious choice and the less they are immediately extorted by economic or extra-economic urge. This is why in the conditions of the well-developed building-up of the socialist society the regulative function of ideology increases and by this very operation also the social importance of ideological struggle.
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