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DAV — the Past and the Present

(Original title: DAV — minulosť a dnešok)
Filozofia, 29 (1974), 6, 565-575.
Type of work: Papers and Discussions - The 50th Anniversary of DAV
Publication language: Slovak
The paper has been written at the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of our society, culture and thinking. He describes the conditions in the generation, the first number of which was issued in the winter of 1924 in Prague. The author explains the place and function of davism in the development of our society, culture and thinking. He describes the conditions in the years 1921—1924, when our first socialist intelligentsia was entering the social-political life. It was necessary to break the policy and ideology of the Slovak separatist bourgeoisie and the so called „Czechoslovak“ bourgeoisie and to gain — on the broad democratic front — the progressive part of the Slovak bourgeoisie and intelligentsia for the fight against the ascending fashism. The author deals with an analysis of the theoretical and political activities of the davists, with their literary, philosophical, ideological^ publicistic and journalistic work. From among the abundant philosophical and ideological activity of the davists’ activities the, Vti opinions of L. Szántó are analyzed in detail, as well as those of E. Urx and V. dementis. In their philosophical and artistic-literary creation (P. Jilemnický, L. Novomeský, J. Poničan, D. Okáli) the davists disclosed the real face of the social reality of Slovakia.
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