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The Methodological Function of Philosophy in Mathematics

(Original title: Metodologická úloha filozofie v matematike)
Filozofia, 33 (1978), 1, 50-60.
Type of work: Papers - Philosophy and Methodology of Sciences
Publication language: Slovak
The disclosure of the real mutual relation of philosophy and mathematics is extraordinarily important under the present conditions. The authors, starting from the topicality of these problems, have set a modest task for themselves: to uncover some1 aspects of the dialectical unity of philosophy and mathematics through the prism of the methodological task of philosophy in the system of stance of real processes and gain this channel, through which its whole complex of tasks, penetrate deeper into the immanent substance of real processes and gain this channel, through which its accelerating influence upon natural sciences opens only due to philosophy. Mathematics, on the other hand, is the lymph to philosophy and influences its development considerably. There is also the universality of the mathematical method together with the philosophical one, but the distinction between them does not lie in the extensiveness of the method, as we sometimes can find it in literature, but in intensiveness, i. e. in the content aspect; of philosophy, in the counterweight of the formal-quantitative aspect of mathematics.
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