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Philosophy and Science Policy

(Original title: Filozofia a vedná politika)
Filozofia, 36 (1981), 1, 89-100.
Type of work: Papers
Publication language: Slovak
The same way as ideology is connected with political practice when managing other socio-economic transformations it is connected with political practice when managing science. The requirement to control the process of integration of science and productional practice is connected with the task to support strongly by Marxism-Leninism political attitudes towards questions of the tactics and strategy in science. A basic function of science policy must therefore be considered adequate decision-making in the processes of coordinating plans of the advancement of science and plans of the advancement of national economy. In the decision processes concerning science policy the measure of responsibility for fulfillment of the social tasks of science is in its way always determined as a measure of socio-political engagement and in the end as a measure of responsibility for the quality of decision processes. In political deciding on questions of tactics and strategy in science in establishing and developing progressive -new forms of integration and the specialization of differentiated methods of cooperation it is possible to exclude the remnants of fortuity only by responsible application of theoretical-methodological criteria of philosophy.
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