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The Place and Significance of the Slovak National Revival in the Philosophical Works of Svätopluk Štúr

(Original title: Miesto a význam slovenského národného obrodenia vo filozofickej tvorbe Svätopluka Štúra)
Filozofia, 41 (1986), 5, 576-583.
Type of work: Papers - The History of Philosophical Thought in Slovakia
Publication language: Slovak

Svätopluk Štúr in his work The Meaning of the Slovak National Revival, dedicated to the explicatioin of the classical Slovak philosophical conception of the nation, developed in the works of J. Kollár and Ľ. Štúr proves that they preached an organistic conception of life, dominated by the ideal of universality. They understood the mankind not as the absolute but as the whole which is a function of the greater whole of the mankind, in the development of which it finds the fullfilment of the sense of its existence. The social significance of this work of Svätopluk Štúr is that it aimes against the particularistic and conservative-nationalist desinterpretation of the ideologic heritage of the Slovak national revival.

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