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The Irrationalism of the French „New Philosophy“

(Original title: Iracionalizmus francúzskej „novej filozofie“)
Filozofia, 41 (1986), 6, 642-652.
Type of work: Papers - Criticism of Non-Marxist Philosophical Streams
Publication language: Slovak

The subject-matter of the paper is a critical analysis of one of the latest variants of Irrationalism in France — the „New Philosophy“. The author states that the group of intelectuals that appeared in Paris in the second half of the seventies under the head „new philosophers“ have been still exerting considerable ideologic and political influence in the West. Though social-political and philosophical conceptions of its representatives differ quite a deal, their common denominator is the apologetics of capitalism and an acute antimarxism.

It is the aim of the paper to reveal in their conceptions one of the dominant characteristics of contemporary thought of the crisis — irrationalism — while based on the analysis of two central problems, devoloped on the territory of the „new philosophy“, the questtion of power and the question of the place of Man in history.

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