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Hartmann’s Attempt at the Whole Philosophical Project of the World

(Original title: Hartmannov pokus o celostný filozofický obraz sveta)
Filozofia, 41 (1986), 6, 677-689.
Type of work: Papers - Criticism of Non-Marxist Philosophical Streams
Publication language: Slovak

The suhject of the paper is the problem of the construction of the whole philosophical project of the world in the system of the „new ontology“ of N. Hartmann. It is concentrated on the way of the interpretation of categories as basic elements of the ontological structure and also on gnoseological consequencies of the ontological scheme. At last it illuminates the stand-point of Slovak thinkers J. Dieška and S. Felber to Hartmann’s conception.

In the end the author concludes that Hartmenn’s attempt at creating of a neutral model of the categorial construction leads to an infringement of the totality of the structure of the world. It is a consequence of the refusal of the monistic context for the construction of the philosophical project of the world, it leads to objective-idealistic consequencies and to subjectivist conclusions in gnoseology. It fixes radical heterogeneity of individual ontological layers, irrationality in the very foundations of the ontological structure and it afflicts the unity of the psycho-physical substance of Man. The construction of a philosophical system with neutral basic elements conceals an amount of difficulties and it cannot secure an adequate project of the world, it cannot become an appropriate instrument of its cognition.

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