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Personality and Problems of Meaning

(Original title: Osobnosť a problematika významu)
Filozofia, 43 (1988), 1, 61-69.
Type of work: Papers - Intensification of the Human Factor and the Development of the Socialist Social Consciousness
Publication language: Slovak

In the paper the author attempts at defining the category „personality“ by means of the category „individuality“, understood as an individual form of social being, while personality is conceived as a qualitative characteristic of the Individuality, as a concentrate of substantial individual dimensions.

The author points to the connection of personality and the sphere of meaning, the meanings for personality as the individuality’s level of meanings.

The relation of personality and meanings is realized in the process of praxis as the original starting point of the process of forming meanings. The relation of personality and meanings is reciprocal and two-sided. Its first side is the dependence of molding personality or personality’s meanings upon the created level of meanings. The second side represents the functionality of meanings in the sphere of meaning in which it finds one of the motive-powers of the change of socially fixed meanings, as meanings are, or ought to be, meanings for individuals and as if personality tested their vitality.

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