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Foucault's Analysis of the Concept of Power and Power Relationships

(Original title: Foucaultova analýza pojmu moci a mocenských vzťahov)
Filozofia, 53 (1998), 2, 71-81.
Type of work: Papers
Publication language: Slovak

The paper focuses on Foucault's analysis of the internal structure of the power relationships, which, according to the French philosopher, are made up by three basic elements. The strategic relationships as the core of this structure, can not be described in terms of agreement or violence, but rather in military terms. The second structural element of the power relationships - the states of domination can be approached from two viewpoints: as the "global structure of power" and at the same time as an outcome of a certain strategic situation. Seen from the first point of view, the states of domination, contrary to diffused and changing strategic relationships, are static, limiting the freedom of action. Seen from the second point of view, however, the states of domination together with strategic relationships offer some space for freedom and resistance. The third structural element of the power relationships are various techniques of control, whose importance is still growing today. As Foucault argues, today it is not so important to know by whom and where the power is performed, but rather what are the techniques of its performance.

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