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On Tolerance in the Light of A Treatise on Virtues

(Original title: O tolerantnosti vo svetle Rozpravy o cnostiach)
Filozofia, 65 (2010), 4, 336-342.
Type of work: Papers
Publication language: Slovak

The paper deals with one of the basic concepts of the classical ethical conception of French moral philosopher Vladimir Jankélévitch (1903 – 1985). Although tolerance is one of the so called “little virtues”, it is not less important; it has its own philosophy based on two presuppositions: 1) we have to abandon the knowledge of the thing in itself; 2) we have to conceive of every person as a purpose in itself, “an imperium within an imperium”. The symbiosis of body and mind, this “living paradox”, can serve as a model of how to resolve an irresolvable problem of tolerance. In the same way the “paradox” of a community of people sharing common faith and forced by it to act together could be brought to existence (given their self-understanding and the understanding of the shared). And if convivial moments and moments of enthusiasms are affiliated, maybe one day they will start to love one another.


Moral philosophy, Virtues, Tolerance, 20th century French philosophy

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