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Lonergan’s Transcendental Thomism

(Original title: Transcendentálny tomizmus B. F. Lonergana)
Filozofia, 65 (2010), 6, 600-608.
Type of work: Philosophy in the School Desk
Publication language: Slovak

The paper introduces the work of B. F. Lonergan, a Canadian philosopher and theologian, who is almost unknown in Slovak philosophical context. The paper covers basic elements and sources, which are necessary for the research on Loneragan’s work. Since Lonergan’s texts are new for our philosophical community, we are facing the problem of how to translate some of the key terms of his philosophy (e.g. insight). In its second part, the paper shows basic principles of the transcendental method in philosophy. There is a specific tradition that Lonergan is part of – transcendental Thomism (its representatives are among others Marechal, Muck, Coreth), which, accepting the classical principles of Thomistic philosophy, responses to Kantian philosophy. The analysis of the success of the transcendental method in philosophy is valuable and helps us to understand the developments in modern philosophy.


Bernard Francis Lonergan, Insight, Transcendental method, Thomism

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