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Hyperintensionality of Deontic Modals: An Argument from Analogy

(Original title: Hyperintenzionalita deontických modalít: argument z analógie)
Filozofia, 74 (2019), 8, 652-662.
Type of work: Articles
Publication language: Slovak

A plenitude of motivations can and has been be enlisted to speak for the hyperintensionality of epistemic modals. This fact is well-known and many logical frameworks have been introduced to capture the finegrained nature of epistemic modals. Recently, hyperintensionality of deontic modals has been brought into the focus. Paradoxes of deontic logic and the failure of substitution of classical equivalents have been enlisted to motivate hyperintensionality in deontic logic. This paper formulates a new argument for hyperintensionality of deontic modals. The argument is based on an over-looked analogy between epistemic logic and deontic logic. This leads us to the question whether any hyperintensional framework apt for epistemic modals would be apt for deontic modals as well. The paper argues that many, but not all would be.


analógia, deontická logika, epistemická logika, hyperintenzionalita, povinnosť, presvedčenie

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