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On the Problems of the Methodology of Empirical Sciences. Comments on the Book Methodological Aspects of Science by L. Bielik

(Original title: K problémom metodológie empirických vied. Ku knihe L. Bielika Metodologické aspekty vedy)
Filozofia, 75 (2020), 10, 873 – 891.
Type of work: Critical Notices
Publication language: Slovak

In this article, the author draws reader's attention to the more noteworthy Slovak monographs dedicated to the problem of methodology of science and philosophy of science and then presents a review of the book Methodological Aspects of Science by L. Bielik (2019) which focuses mainly on the methodological aspects of empirical sciences.


Analysis, Classification, Conceptual methods, Confirmation, Definition, Disconfirmation, Experimentation, Falsification, Hypothesis, Measurement, Method, Observation, Scientific method, Synthesis, Verification

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