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Critical Rationality and the Possibility of the Impossible Glosses – Fragments of Otakar A. Funda

(Original title: Kritická racionalita a možnosť nemožného. Glosy – Fragmenty Otakara A. Fundu)
Filozofia, 77 (2022), 10, 804 - 814.
Type of work: Critical Notices
Publication language: Slovak
Otakar A. Funda is a proponent of critical rationalism, which explains phenomena from phenomena, prefers the scientific method, rejects illusions, and fictions of redemption and is extremely reserved about the so-called “last justifications”. At the same time, Funda represents a strong line in the contemporary philosophy of religion – he is a representative of humanistic atheism, which he does not understand as negativistic nihilism, but as a different, rationally sober and positive-creative answer to the questions of human life. The purpose of the review study is to present and analyze Fundaʼs book Glosses – Fragments against the background of the thinking of other authors, or in dialogue with them. I will try to read Fundaʼs text through the lens of the categories possible – impossible and reflections on the possibility of the impossible. More specifically, I will clarify this point of view through the phenomenological reflections of the French philosopher J.-L. Marion and the approach of E. Levinas.
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