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O straníckosti a pseudostraníckosti (K znovuoživenej polemike o filozofických otázkach biológie)

Filozofia, 21 (1966), 4, 353-366.
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The subject-matter of analyses and of criticisms are certain attempts to make ideological criteria and aspects absolute when expert scientific notions are being evaluated. By party-character we understand that moment of scientific work which in a more or less mediated way connects this work with the movement of other components in the social structure,, mainly with the interests of the working class and the programme of socialist building-up. The possibility of scientifically investigating and determining these relationships presents an objective criterion of the real party-attitude of a scientist. The neglect of objective criteria gives rise to the prevalence of subjective aspects and subjectivism, which at the time of the personality cult penetrated deep into philosophy and ideology in particular. If the subjectivist criteria predominate to the extent that objective rules, verified scientific theories and even the whole orientation of some significant work aiming at the knowledge of loyalty and devotion to the communist party on, the one hand, and subjectivism and a mechacharacter, is involved in such, a case. The pseudoparty attitude has always been internally selfcontradictory. Pompous declarations of loyality and devotion to the communist party on the one hand, and subjectivism and a mechanistical application of ideological aspects where they were neither adequate nor appropriate, on the other, resulted in deformations detrimental to party interests. This pseudoparty character represents only one side of a wider trend which was, and is joined to an absolute metaphysical negation of capitalism and of all that is non-Marxist and non-socialist. The article takes up in more detail a case of definite manifestation of this pseudoparty-character, pointing to the consequences for the development of scientific research: in fact violation of specific internal laws inherent to individual scientific disciplines and the accumulation of nonspecific external interventions, inadequate for the given branch of scientific knowledge bring about a paralysis of the internal driving forces of the given speciality. However, pseudoparty character proves equally destructive to Marxist ideology, for subjectivistic criteria and a complete neglect of scientific argumentation produce the impression that Marxist ideology itself is not a scientific ideology, but and equally fraudulent consiousness as is, for instance, bourgeois ideology.
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