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Náčrt sémantickej problematiky umenia

Filozofia, 28 (1973), 1, 69-74.
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The paper deals with the problems of the concept of art as sign. In contrast of the mere communicative sign, which only represents the meaning, a work of art also modifies the mediated meaning, contradictorily it is both a sign and not a sign, it is of not only mediating, but also of meaning creating character. It is in this meaning creating character of art that the author sees the proper semantic problems of the specific contents of art, which cannot be exhausted notionally, and from this point of view he approaches then the question of ambiguity of meaning, its changeability, its anthropomorphising character, etc., the problems of potentionality of meaning and dependence of the work of art. The problems of semantics of art lead into the problems of specificity and aesthetics of art in the paper.
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