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Dielo klasikov marxizmu-leninizmu v ČSSR v rokoch 1918 - 1938

Filozofia, 28 (1973), 5, 490-506.
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The process of spreading and development of the rnarxist-leninist philosophy in the period of the bourgeois Czechoslovak Republic was closely connected with the translating and editing of the works of the classics — Marx, Engels and Lenin. This activity, however, cannot be taken only as a precondition of the development of the marxist—leninist philosophy, but as its inseparable component. The foundation of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia was a milestone of a more systematic and more organized interest in the work of the classics. Abruptly during the first twenty years of the existence of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia the marxist theoreticians succeeded in editing and thus making accessible for the Czech and Slovak readers the majority of the basic works of the marxist—leninist philosophy (L. Feuerbach and the Disemboguement of German Classical Philosophy, Anti-Dühring, The Capital, State and Revolution, Materialism and Empiriocriticism, and many others). Besides, there were published monothematic selections in this country, to name some of them —— Marx and Engels on Religion, Lenin on Religion, etc. Many fragments from other works of the classics were published in magazines in the period mentioned. The editing of the works of the classics was qualitatively raised also by an extensive popularizing activity; the communist and leftwing press reviewed, noted and annotated the philosophical production from home and abroad. A numerous collective of marxists participated in this work as authors: L. Szántó, L. Svoboda, E. Urx, J. Procházka, J. Fučík, K. Konrád, L. Štoll and others. Besides the communist dailies, Tvorba, Komunistická revue, Ročenka slovenskej chudoby, Haló-noviny, in, Slovakia it was first of all the magazine Dav that contributed extraordinarily to the elucidation especially of the leninist stage in philosophy. All this extensive activity was an inseparable part of developing the marxist—leninist philosophy in our conditions.
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