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Ľudská subjektivita a dialektika jej prejavu

Filozofia, 38 (1983), 4, 402-414.
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The analysis of human subjectivity, its components and dialectics of their manifestation in the interaction of „Man — Nature Society“ ought to start with the basic methodologic postulate — that subjectivity „in itself“ has no objective specification. However, as its substance — according to the classics — lies in the subjectivity of practice as the historically concrete modification (and the objective expression of this modification) of universal human activity, the center of the investigation must in this case be shifted in this practice, especially in those specification which are connected above all with the development of Man in society and his subjective creative (and free) capabilities, heading towards human universality which, in the sign of „intention and power“, will set the tone to laws of „moving matter“. Thus on the base of the formulation of effective theoretical-methodological principles of the analysis of human subjectivity solid theoretical presuppositions are created for conceiving these phenomena in dialectical-materialist correlations and from the viewpoint of Marxist-Leninist world outlook.
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