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Filozofické problémy ľudskej tvorivosti

Filozofia, 43 (1988), 1, 48-60.
Typ článku: State - Intenzifikácia ľudského činiteľa a rozvoj socialistického spoločenského vedomia

The aim of the philosophical research of human creativeness is an analysis of basic criteria and dimensions of creation, especially in the context of historical development of the human objective-spiritual activity which constitutes itself under concrete historical-social: conditions and in unity with the understanding of man as a practical-transforming, biopsychical-cognltive being. In this connection the key category in analyzing the phenomenon of human creativeness is the concept „the new“. So the view-point of the qualitatively new becomes the basic and determining criterion and at the same time the dimension of the human act which bears the character of creativeness, production of new human reality. From this criterion are deduced further important characteristics such as finality, humanity, progressiveness and the need of complete human selfrealization which in the notion of the qualitatively new finds room for projectiveness, orientation to the new forms, constituting the future of selfdevelopment of the active aspect of man’s essence.

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