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Hrušovského iniciatívy vo filozofii vedy

Filozofia, 53 (1998), 9, 581-590.
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Hrušovský's interest in theoretical, methodological and philosophical questions of the sciencies was inspirated by the activities of the members of the Vienna Circle. The tasks of his philosophical analysis of science were focused on limiting the scope of philosophy of science to a group of related questions that arose in attempting to understand the intelectual products of scientific inquiry as embodied in explicitly formulated statements. Hrušovský knew that philosophy of science must be distinquished from the sociology and the psychology of science, but his interest in theoretical questions of sciencies was broarder. The science was for him one of the most important universal activities of humankind. The paper examines the development of Hrušovský's philosophy of science, focusing on two main decades of his creative intellectual development (1930-1940).

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