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Úloha pudu a súhlasu v stoickej epistemológii

Filozofia, 57 (2002), 3, 163-180.
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The paper deals with the role of assent (in Latine assentio, assensus) and instinct (in Latine appetitio) in the process of cognition. The author shows, that the Stoic instinct is a dynamic aspect in the processes of cognition, decision making and (free) action, its consequence being at the same time the assent, i. e. the approval of a given descriptive or prescriptive proposition as a true one. Tha paper wants to stress the remarcable rationalistic character of the Stoic epistemology - the only constitutive elemnent of the instinct is, at least in early Stoicism, the rational capacity of the soul. The three Stoic levels of cognition: opinion, understanding (catalepsis) and cognition are intoruced as related to various intensities of assent given to the particual meanings of the proposition.

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