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Ľudské hodnoty, etika, udržateľnosť a kvalita života: teória a prax

Filozofia, 62 (2007), 8, 675-685.
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The article deals with human values and ethical aspects as related to the sustainability and quality of life. Sustainability and higher quality of life should not only mean the simple biological survival, reducing human being to a spiritless creature or a materialistic, pragmatic and/or technocratic construct. Being inspired by the ideal of humanism and influenced by the environmental ethics, sustainable living should be the one based on harmony and on environmentally friendly satisfying of all relevant needs. Sustainable living should satisfy human expectations, and endorse such a use of human resources, which would not endanger the protection and restoration of natural resources. The article deals with the above-mentioned aspects from the theoretical, as well as practical points of views, making use of the ideas coming from different research fields.

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Human Values, Expectations, Environmental Ethics, Sustainability, Quality of life, Theory, Praxis, Philosophy, Sociology, Geography

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