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Experimentální zkoumání struktury zkušenosti

Filozofia, 68 (2013), 5, 393-401.
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The article investigates the possibilities a philosophy conceived as a movement, in which cognition and self-cognition are in balance and which thus has the capacity to act on the reader as well as the author. The theatre discipline (Inter)acting with the inner partner developed by Ivan Vyskočil serves at least as the exemplification of this sort of philosophy. It is, however, intertwined with non-philosophical aspects: it is corporeal, performative, determined by refined sensitivity as well as reflectivity. A closer view on this practice discovers structures of experience, topology of self- relationship and the relationship between the philosophical and non-philosophical which all have a more general validity. Dialogical action and its philosophical interpretation serve as an example of embodied thinking proposed by Merleau-Ponty in his Visible and Invisible. The article also shows how the resentment in the philosophical attitude can be abandoned.

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(Inter)acting with the inner partner, Dialogical acting, Phenomenology, Resentment, Self-relationship, Topology

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