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Dejiny národných filozofií v stredoeurópskom kontexte (Niekoľko metodologických poznámok)

Filozofia, 69 (2014), 9, 725-736.
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The article is a contribution to the discussion about the methodology of the historiography of so-called “national philosophy”. The author ́s thesis is that the history of national philosophies (especially those of the 19th century) should be seen in the context of the Monarchy, while abandoning the conceptual apparatus of the traditional positivist comparative approach. Concrete material serves to show the way the concepts like center/periphery, subaltern position, subversion, containment, canon, pre-text/post-text, transformation and imitation are being used today. In conclusion, different developments in Austrian, Czech, Hungarian, Slovak and Polish philosophies of 19th century come to the foreground.

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Center, National philosophies in the Monarchy, Periphery, Post-text, Pre-text, Subversion

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