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Základy Kierkegaardovej apolitickej filozofie

Filozofia, 71 (2016), 4, 257-269.
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The paper tries to clarify Kierkegaard’s apolitical standpoint as an integral part of his philosophy. Kierkegaard’s apoliticism is here understood as a principled stand of a deeply religious thinker based on the essential discrepancy between Christianity and politics. I am to show that Kierkegaard preaches programmatic indifference of Christianity to any kind of politics and that all political interpretations of Kierkegaard are therefore indeed misinterpretations; moreover, they are in contrast with Kierkegaard’s central philosophical categories such as the single individual, inwardness, freedom and eternity. The paper results in the analysis of his sharp criticism of the union of Christianity and the state.

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Apoliticism, Christianity, Inwardness, Kierkegaard, Politics, The Christian state, The single individual

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