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Aké reprezentácie a kognitívne mechanizmy umožňujú kumulatívnu kultúru?

Filozofia, 75 (2020), 8, 706 – 722.
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The objective of the article is to explore representations and cognitive mechanisms that provide a basis for cumulative cultural learning. The paper examines research of imitation and natural pedagogy with focus on the role of decoupled representations and ostensive signals in the transmission of cognitively opaque cultural knowledge. The article aims to show that the theory of metarepresentations provides a useful explanatory framework for the explanation of emergence and development of abilities that enable acquisition of cultural practices and generic knowledge. The paper suggests that the application of the framework can contribute to the analysis of processes involved in interactions that facilitate early cultural learning.

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Cumulative culture, Imitation, Metarepresentations, Natural pedagogy

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