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Heidegger, Moral Values, and Non-Human Animals: Philosophical Intersections

Filozofia, 79 (2024), 3, 303 - 318.
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This paper explores the realm of Heidegger’s writings to examine how moral ideas intersect with non-human creatures from a phenomenological standpoint. The human-animal dilemma becomes more urgent over time, and our future becomes less predictable. The paper commences by examining the significance of attending to the particularities of Dasein, as understood in the Heideggerian framework. This entails moving beyond the limited boundaries of contemporary scientific and technocratic paradigms and illuminating the potential for investigating not only human experiences but also those of animals. This study examines Heidegger’s phenomenological understanding of animals, focusing on the post-humanist emotional aspects of human morality. It acknowledges the presence of intersubjectivity and investigates the underlying intersectionality. Additionally, it suggests potential directions for future research and inquiry.
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moral values, Heidegger, Phenomenology, Dasein, non-human animals

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