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Truth, Theft and Gift: Thoughts on Alētheia

Filozofia, 79 (2024), 4, 351 - 364.
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In discussing truth in Being and Time Heidegger speaks of this as always involving a robbery (ein Raub). This is a revealing word but not noted by commentators. Is it an incidental metaphor not to be taken too seriously? Or does it help us focus on something of the informing orientation to being and truth marking the Heidegger of Being and Time? This reflection offers thoughts on Alētheia in light of the meaning of theft. Significantly, the later Heidegger witnesses an ontological attunement entirely other to that of a robber who steals what is not his own. This attunement is closer to one of being graced or gifted by being rather than stealing secrets from the hiddenness of being. What terms do we need to make sense of theft and gift; how do we turn from, get from, theft to gift? How get from Polemos to Gelassenheit? Does Heidegger leave us in the dark on this great question?
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Heidegger, Alētheia, Truth, theft, Gift

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