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Masarykova filozofie jako aktuální minulost

Filozofia, 22 (1967), 6, 631-634.
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In a short gloss written on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the death of T. G. Masaryk, the present author formulates some important themes referring to Masayk’s philosophical work and message. He emphasizes, above all, that it is necessary to approach Masaryk's philosophy as a whole, because only then its stimulating character and topical meaning can become evident. He further points out the topical character of the following themes of Masaryk’s philosophical thought: science and scientific thought; the idea of philosophy as metaphysics, the problem of transcendency, sense and values; the theme of humanism, which represents in Masaryk’s personality a connecting link between the oldest and our phases of the history of Czech and Slovak nation; the philosophy of history, the main contents of which is the idea of humanity; the philosophy of politics; the controversies between structuralism and historism; Marxism and Masaryk’s philosophy. In the end the author states that Masaryk represented an important epoch of the history of our society and culture, co-operated in creating it and, at the same time, reflected it.
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