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Filozofický základ dualistického učenia Jána Horvátha

Filozofia, 26 (1971), 4, 377-385.
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The author selected and summarized in his paper the essence of philosophical dualism as it was lectured at the Trnava University by one of its professors in the second half of the 18th century, when the activity of this university in Trnava culminated. The authority of the Church and its doctrine, Aristotle’s teaching and that of other authorities in the period of the development of natural sciences in the 18th century formed the basis of this teaching. In it the real existence of two substances, the material substance and the spiritual one, was acknowledged. The paper is a specimen of university teaching in the times, when Trnava was an important scientific and pedagogical centre in the territory of Slovakia in the Habsburg monarchy. It is an evidence of university tradition in this territory.
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